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What is this company about?

Our work and vision on IT

MPConsulting is offering IT products and services accordingly with the specific needs and size of your company.

IT issues often go along with huge losses of time or even with jeopardising the very core business of your company. That is why high quality and high standards are key factors in our work.

We offer value-adding services and solutions such as the collaboration platform IBM Lotus Domino/Notes. This groupware or collaborative software is easily accessible for small businesses as well as for large environments and offer a wide range of applications and solutions.

We also audit SMB networks and infrastructures to provide plans for upgrade, cost-reduction and optimization. Of course, we  offer remote support for our customers to minimize delays in interventions.

Security is a crucial item in this vision. Our goal is to take away your IT worries !


  • July 2012

Attending an IBM Sametime 8.5.2IFR1 two-days workshop


  • May 2012

The company is authorized for IBM's SVI Messaging & Collaboration product group


  • April 2012

MPConsulting is moving and launching its new website !


  • March 2012

Attending the BeLux Lotus User Group sessions in Antwerp


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